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What is travel insurance and why are they necessary?

What is Travel Insurance and its importance

The travel insurance is an insurance type that compensates all financial and emotional damages and all accidents which you can confront during the travel.

The period of a travel insurance begins 1 day before the travel starting date and ends 1 day after the travel ending date.

“With travel insurance your travels are more secure...”

The travel insurance document has to be submitted to the control agency (like consulate, etc.) The insurance covers within the amount of the insurance policy all exceptional cases that you will confront during your travel. By submitting this document the traveler can benefit from hospital resources free of charge without any problem.

The passenger has to carry the travel insurance policy that protects all the rights of the passenger during the travel. On the other hand, you have also to submit your travel insurance policy to the customs authorities who will ask for your insurance policy by the customs entry.

Travel Insurance Policies, Insurance Coverage Amounts and Validity Conditions

The insurance policy periods are prepared for 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, week or one day. All over the world the insurance coverage amounts vary between 30.000 $ and 50.000 $.

Except these countries, when we have to assess the travel insurance, the insurance policies of European countries like Romania, Bulgaria, England, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Switzerland are also included in the same covering.

The travel insurance that you have to make will be done in our agency and under Blue White Tourism assurance and it will be prevented that you will get any problems and your processes will be issued in an easy and professional manner.

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